The Symbio City Model

Our need for good models for sustainable urban development has never before been greater. Models that turn the linear production flow around and look upon waste as a resource rather than a problem to be rid of.

Models that also result in reduced energy consumption, enhanced accessibility, increased social integration and better development of values. One such model is SymbioCity (

SymbioCity has been designed and developed by Swedish experts at the request of the Swedish Goverment and the Swedish Trade Council. The model demonstrates the importance of co-ordinating urban functions and the advantages of a holistic approach to urban planning – something that is vital for the successful adaption of Envac’s waste solutions.

Because the advantages afforded by our products stretch far beyond the simple management of waste. But for it to be possible to capitalise on these advantages, the traditional “disciplinary way of thinking” within urban planning and administration must be changed to an integrated approach.

It is essential to realise that waste management is a central part of the urban planning process and should therefore be taken into consideration at an early stage when designing buildings, streets and public places, so that the objectives of creating attractive and sustainable urban environments are achieved.