Envac video collection

Automated waste collection and optical sorting


Portfolio contents: official company presentation, Quantum 300, Self-Emptying Litterbins, Optical sorting in Oslo, Knowledge by experience (describing the Envac process) and presentations of the projects Stockholm Royal Seaport and Wembley. All in English.

Hospital systems
The official presentation of the hospital system and a couple of short clips on different details.

Optibag systems
Video from the optical sorting plant in Oslo, in English and Norwegian.

Automated waste collection and sustainable urban development
Interview with Jonas Törnblom regarding NDS (Royal Seaport), testimonials regarding Wembley and the Hammarby video ( A model for green living). English.

Mobile waste collection
MOVAC presentation in English and in Swedish.

Envac China
Envac official presentation and "Hammarby, a model for green living (30 min)" in Chinese.

Hammarby Sjöstad, a model for green living
Courtesy Design for homes, UK. English (30 min, 3 min) , Chinese (30 min) and French (3 min) versions