What other people write about Envac

These are links to recent articles and videos made by other people about Envac and our waste management solutions.

France - Article in Architecture Hospitaliere published in April 2016 (in French)

Spain - Lipasam, Seville's municipal cleansing company, recognize that the pneumatic waste collection is the system that gives the "best quality when it comes to service and image."  But since 2003 when the system was implemented in the Santa Cruz area, there have been no new initiatives. In the area Los Bermejales, even though the waste transportation pipes have already been installed, there is still no date for the start up of the system. Article in ABC de Sevilla by M.D. Alvarado (in Spanish) April 2016

Italy - Article in Republica by Patrizia Feletig published in April 2016

India - Can Mumbai manage waste the Swedish way? by Mr RN Bhaskar - an article published on asiaconverge.com and on epaper.freepressjournal.in  (March 2016).