Managed Operations

Taking care of the daily operation and maintenance of your installation includes the following:

Defined service levels

Our service levels are tangible, measurable and defined by key performance indicators (KPI). The KPIs are set in partnership with the customer and support both parties' operational objectives.

Remote access and control

All of our installations can be remotely supervised 24/7 every day of the year. Alternatively, you can arrange for on-site technicians to manage one or more plants. Whether you choose remote or on-site monitoring, you can be reassured that Envac provides expert support to suit your needs.

Alarm and emergency handling

Managed operations include monitoring and alarm clearing and our team is ready to assist in any potential Envac-related issue that may arise. If your system is connected by remote access, most of the alarms can be managed directly from the control room. If not, they are taken care of on-site.

Field maintenance

Field maintenance is included in our managed operations service package. We take care of the entire pipe network including inlets located above ground and within buildings. Typical service elements include:

  • Corrective maintenance and small repairs
  • Blockage clearance
  • Emergency waste removal

Additional value

We are always interested in developing our service and are happy to provide additional support including:

  • Business support (auxiliary billing, subcontractor management)
  • End user helpdesk operations
  • Cleaning services
  • Bulky waste removal
  • Recycling assistance and end user information