Energy efficiency assessment

A key consideration for any automated waste handling system is electricity consumption. Having Envac engineers assess the system and recommend steps to adjust and reduce this wherever possible plays a vital role in achieving environmental and economical benefits.

Older systems can easily be adapted to reduce energy consumption. By installing frequency inverters we can reduce energy peaks in electricity. Installing updated control equipment also enables the system to operate using minimum energy consumption. Using level sensors in inlets together with our VDOT (Valve Dynamic Open Time) system reduces the amount of energy required.

In order to reach optimal use and ensure cost efficiency the following factors are considered:

  • Run-time schedule including level sensors
  • Electrical tariff and electrical supplier contract
  • Valve, air leakage and pressure drop
  • Heat recovery
  • Exhauster operations
  • Hardware/software
  • Waste stream


Waste stream control

Waste streams and the way waste needs to be handled can change over time. From enhancing the purity of recyclables to adding a new waste stream, Envac can offer the guidance and support needed to re-adapt the system to a continually changing environment.