Tuning and Control

Our set of tuning and control services covers activities on the “as-built” system to maintain performance at or above design levels.

Tuning and control is normally performed when the system is commissioned and should be repeated when changes have been made, such as adding valves and moving inlets.

Envac Services use a holistic system approach covering every component of the installation. Specific conditions including the amount of waste, waste composition or energy consumption will be examined and the system adjusted until it reaches its optimum level of operation.

Capacity Control

Over time, the requirements of the system may change and it will therefore need to be updated. In which case, an increase or decrease in portions of the pipe, the inlet network or changes within the terminal may be necessary in order to re-establish optimal performance. Capacity control and tuning checks for each fraction as well as the whole system is vital to ensure that the system remains reliable and cost efficient.

Performance Control

The most important parameter of an Envac system is the air speed. The system needs a high enough air speed to transport all waste from the inlets to the waste collection station yet low enough to minimise wear and tear. Our competence and skills will guarantee that your system remains efficient and has a long life span.

Reporting and Data Control

With Envac’s comprehensive reporting and data analysis you can quickly establish a system’s overall performance and understand its benefits and gains.