Litter collection with vacuum technology

Self-emptying litter bins are ideal for the public realm, such as parks and entertainment venues. The system eliminates the problems associated with overfull litter bins . It also reduces the risk of pests and bad smells.

This is how it works

Users discard their waste as usual in Envac’s self-emptying litterbins, which look the same as any other bin however they contain a “level sensor” that senses when the bins are full. The self-emptying bins are connected to an automated waste collection system so once full, a valve beneath the bin opens and the litter is vacuumed into an underground pipe network and transported directly to a waste collection station located in a nearby underground location.

Two different types of automated vacuum system can be used with the self-emptying litterbin:

1) Stationary system

With a stationary vacuum system the litter is vacuumed via a pipe network into a container in a collection station – either located on the periphery of the area or underground. A valve is used to regulate the emptying of all litterbins connected to the pipe network and the bins are either emptied automatically when they are full or at times programmed to suit.

2) Mobile hybrid

With the mobile hybrid system, the litter is vacuumed via a pipe network into closed screw tanks that are usually located underground. The screw tanks are linked to docking points from which a mobile vacuum waste collection vehicle empties when required. The docking points are positioned so that the vacuum waste collection vehicle does not have to drive into narrow pedestrian streets or densely populated areas.

Added value

The Envac solution is a long-term investment with significant financial and environmental advantages. It makes areas considerably cleaner, reduces carbon emissions and increases the sustainability credentials of the environments in which it operates.

No need for collection vehicles

As there is no longer any need to manually empty bins, waste collection vehicles no longer need to make frequent visits to the area. This reduces the amount of heavily polluting waste collection vehicles on the roads whilst creating a safer environment for residents. Resource traditionally associated with manually emptying bins can be reallocated and waste collection cycles can be made more regularly - and for less cost.

Better hygiene

Hygiene is considerably improved for people in the area and for the cleansing staff, who no longer need to come into contact with the litter and waste. As the system is hermetically sealed, the litter will not attract pests or insects or release unpleasant odours.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The initial cost of the investment is offset by lower operation and maintenance costs.

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Envac References using Self-Emtying Litterbins