Vacuum systems are ideal for recycling.

Two things are essential for the success of any recycling system: continuous information and feedback to the users and an accessible and clean recycling environment. Envac provides both.


The inlets can be used to both inform the users of how to recycle and to give feedback information on right/wrong behaviour.

For any successful installation it is imperative to have a continuous user information program in place already at the time when the system is taken into operation.


The inlets can be placed close to the users. Disposing the separated waste streams is more comfortable when the inlets are placed at natural entry and exit points of a residential area. It is also a good idea to install the inlets as centrally as possible in order to maximize the “neighbour influence” factor. 

In case waste laws and regulation changes it is easy to add an inlet, a storage valve and a container for every type of waste.

Transportation from inlet to container

Users throw their sorted waste into ordinary, readily accessible inlets. The bags are stored temporarily above a closed storage valve. All full inlets are then emptied at regular intervals, one waste stream at a time.

Automatic emptying is governed by a control system in the waste collection station, which is located on the outskirts of the development it serves and linked to the inlets via an underground network of transportation pipes. Once the waste arrives to the collection station diverter or triverter valves directs each waste stream to the corresponding container.