Technical facts Movac

Screw tanks

Screw tanks are a new invention, which have been developed in line with the third generation of mobile vacuum systems. They further streamline waste handling and efficiently and reliably transport waste from the pipe network to the collection vehicle. The waste in the screw tank is screwed out into the pipe system, which speeds up emptying times and requires less vacuum power resulting in quieter emptying. The screw tanks can be positioned ‒ one or more together ‒ in a site-built underground concrete chamber, a basement or other free space. If no space is available, Envac also supplies complete concrete chambers with a screw tank and motor already installed. The screw tanks are available in different sizes and with different numbers of inlets.

Vacuum truck VL-5

Our new VL-5 vacuum waste collection vehicle is more environmentally friendly and significantly quieter than previous models. The driver manages the collection process and empties the tanks from the vehicle. The waste is compacted in the truck and the transport air is cleaned before being released. The increased load capacity allows several tanks to be emptied per pickup, which reduces the number of pickups and the associated carbon emissions generated through lorry miles. The VL-5 third-generation vacuum truck has been developed in cooperation with Scania and can also be run on biofuels.

Bigger pipes allow bigger waste bags

The tanks are connected to a pipe system with a diameter of 400mm. The pipes are made of steel and laid underground at a depth of 50cm or more.

The increased pipe diameter now permits the use of waste bags up to 60 litres in size, which means that Movac can be used in restaurants and shops.

Card reader system identify the individual user

An advanced card reader system can also be used to identify individual users allowing individual waste handling charges to be levied.