Shenzhen Athletic Village

Shenzhen Athletic Village
Project executed by
Guangzhou Envac
Project status
China / Residential area

Shenzhen has become an international city from a small fishing village in 30 years. In the past decades, it has proved itself to the rest of the world with is fast-growing economy.

Shenzhen 26th Universiade is an opportunity for Shenzhen to showcase its economy development module and the success it has made to maintain a sustainable and recycling economy.

With the concepts of environmental friendly, energy-efficient, low-carbon emission, the design of the Shenzhen Olympic center integrated a series of green technologies. The automated refuse collection system is one of these (ARCS).

After the Unviersiade, part of the new International Olympic Centre will become the new Shenzhen Polytechnic University.

The ARCS was installed in the east campus of the future university, serving about 5000 apartments. Taking into the consideration of future expansions to the other two campuses, the system expansions ports have been reserved.



Basic project information
Project startup2010
Project completed2011
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areaResidential area
Design capacity6.3 tons per day
Area size237 000
Number of fractions1
Number of inlets263
Total metres of pipe2100
Type of wasteMixed recyclables with paper