Korea Airline Catering

Korea Airline Catering
Incheon City
Project executed by
Envac Korea
Project status
Korea / Kitchen

Korean Airline Catering is the largest caterer in Korea.

The facility is designed for meal production for passengers and includes a big dish washing area for incoming trays from the flights.

The Envac system has a capacity of 60 000 trays/day.

The waste from the trays is automatically removed.

In the catering area there are 9 inlets in total. The waste is put in 60 litres plastic bags for later transporation by the vaccum system.

The waste is transported by vacuum in an underground pipe net to a collection station in the same building, where the full containers are picked up by truck.

Since the system is fully closed the hygiene will be significantly improved.

Basic project information
CityIncheon City
Project startup2000
In operation since2001
Project completed2001
Basic system data
Type of systemKitchen Waste System
System subtypeKWS MaxiVac
Application areaKitchen
Design capacity60 000 trays per day
Number of inlets9
Total metres of pipe445
Type of wasteFood/Organic waste