Paju Area

Paju Area
Paju City, Gyeonggi-do
Project executed by
Envac Korea
Project status
Korea / Residential area

Paju Unjeong area is located in the northwest part of Seoul metropolitan area. The development of Paju city has been on the right track by initiating this huge project to attract the young people to settle down in the outskirt under the master plan of Land and Housing Corporation of Korea. Therefore, from the beginning stage of master plan, automated waste collection system has been necessarily regarded as an infrastructure of waste management in this new city development.

Due to its large territory, there are 4 collection stations to take care of whole project area. Although 4 collections stations are located in different blocks, the main control has been stably executed from the 1st collection station for the rest of 3 collection stations based on connected control programming. The remote access is always possible through this main control collection station for the system operation.

Eventually, these results in saving man power cost and improve the efficiency of waste management in comparison to the conventional waste collection system not only for the economical point of view but also for the sustainable living environment for the residents.

Paju Unjeong project is the landmark project, especially because of its size of project together proven Envac Automated Waste Collection System technology implemented. Lots of government officials, private developers from different countries have been making visit continuously since its operation from the year 2010.


Basic project information
CityPaju City, Gyeonggi-do
Project startup2008
In operation since2011
Project completed2011
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 500
Application areaResidential area
Design capacity57 tons per day
Area size9,549,000m2
Number of fractions2
Number of inlets2388
Total metres of pipe70500
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic waste