Haraldrud Optical sorting plant

Haraldrud Optical sorting plant
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Envac Optibag AB
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Oslo kommune Renovasjonsetaten


The optical sorting plant in Haraldrud in Oslo was inagurated in 2009. It is, by far, the biggest in Norway.

Oslo City is laying ground for an ecocycle based waste management system.Today 30% of the household waste is recycled and used for new products, and the city is aiming at recycling at least 50% of the all housedhold waste before 2014.

The optical sorting plant is an important tool in reaching the recycling target.

The solution

Optical sorting of approx 150 000 tons of waste/year

Number of users: 580 000 (inhabitants in Oslo in 2009)
Number of waste streams: 3

The system handles three separate waste stream, sorted in different coloured bags by the system users, the households of Oslo.
The three waste streams are:

  • Food waste (green bag)
  • Plastics (blue bag), and
  • Residual (rest) waste (any colour bag)
  • Food waste is used for production of biogas and biofertilizer
  • Plastic waste is sent to material recovery
  • Residual waste is used for energy recovery right in the plant at Haraldrud

Future development

More optical sorting plants will be built in Oslo. When the waste management system is fully developed it will handle the waste from all households in Oslo, appr 200.000 tons of waste/year.

Basic project information
In operation since2009
Basic system data
Type of systemOptical sorting plant
Application areaResidential area, City Centre
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic waste, Plastics