Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari

Project status

Fish Harbour and Western Harbour

Two harbours, one solution

The client

Helsinki City

The brief

Following a competitive tender process, which saw Envac win the Finnish contract to install its underground vacuum system technology in two new Helsinki City districts, Kalasatama (Fish Harbour) and Jätkäsaari (Western Harbour), Envac was required to install a system that would:

  • Provide the foundations of an effective waste strategy for a growing urban centre, which includes Helsinki’s tallest buildings
  • Support the ambitious design values of both areas
  • Leave a lasting waste legacy and futureproof the waste collection strategy of two of the City of Helsinki’s flagship developments

Chosen for its experience spanning almost six decades, its proven ability to radically improve the environment it serves and a wide-ranging portfolio spanning 700 installations worldwide, Envac began installing the system in 2011.

The project

Both developments will comprise a combined total of approximately 39,000 inhabitants, workplaces and retail outlets. Given the area’s density, the City of Helsinki wanted to limit the amount of heavy waste vehicle movements in and out of both areas maximise the area’s appeal to new residents and local businesses considering investing in the area and make the development an international example of sustainable best practice.

The system currently collects four waste streams including organic waste, newspaper, cardboard packages and residual waste.

On completion in the 2030s the Envac system will handle almost 14,500 tonnes of waste per year via approximately 1,700 waste inlets strategically placed throughout the site.

The result

Whilst the project remains in its infancy, the inclusion of Envac’s underground vacuum waste collection system has already:

  • Reduced the dangers associated with the flow of industrial vehicles in and out of residential areas
  • Eliminated the need for multiple daily collections by multiple collection vehicles
  • Helped to realise the City of Helsinki’s vision of a 21st century development by taking waste collection underground
  • Enabled the City of Helsinki to develop a clean, lean and green development where overfull bins are never present


“Creating a development that is as relevant in thirty years time as it is now is one of the City of Helsinki’s priorities. Envac has helped us realise this vision by making waste collection a sustainable, efficient and hygienic component of the urban realm. Not only that, but by taking waste collection underground it’s now a hidden procedure that, similar to any other utility, goes unnoticed by those who live and work in the region. We are delighted with the system and look forward to continue working with Envac up until the last inlet is installed in the 2030s.”

Kyösti Oasmaa, Manager Fish Harbour and Western Harbour developments

Basic project information
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
Application areaResidential area