Project status

Kvillebäcken is a new residential complex on Hisingen in Gothenburg, where the city decided to put a big mark on the environment. Apartments mix of offices, stores, restaurants, schools and many other activities. Around 2 000 apartments, mix of rental apartments and condominiums, are planned.

The development of Kvillebäcken is implemented by a consortium led by Älvstrandens Utvecklings AB. For the first time seven developers collaborating to create a new district in Gothenburg. Already in the planning stage the environmental ambitions of Kvillebäcken was high, it will be the first district in Gothenburg built after the city's new tough environmental standards.

Kvillebäcken was awarded a 35 million grant from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities. The grant provides support in realizing the vision of Kvillebäcken is a role model in sustainable urban development. Specifically, the grant linked to the six leading-edge projects in environmental technology. One of the projects is efficient waste collection, which also is an important part of Kvillebäckens environmental efforts.

This has resulted in a source separating automated waste collection system and the first self- emptying litter bin in Gothenburg. The initiative means that all waste that is thrown in Kvillebäcken is transported in underground pipes and collected in containers in a collection station which is located on the edge of the area. This contributes to both improved sanitation and reduced traffic in Kvillebäcken. All food waste is thrown away in the area turned into biogas.

Kvillebäcken will serve as a demonstration area for sustainable urban development and integrated environmental technology.

The project is expected to be completed in 2019.



Basic project information
Project startup2010
In operation since2013
Project completed2019
Basic system data
System subtypeSVS 400
Application areaResidential area
Design capacity2,5 tons per day
Number of fractions3
Number of inlets130
Type of wasteGeneral waste / Rest, Food/Organic waste, Paper