Liseberg Amusement park

Project status
Sweden / Kitchen

An Envac MiniVac Kitchen system is installed for handling the food waste in the amusement park.

Four of the larger restaurants in the park are connected to the system.

The food waste is transported underground in stainless pipes from each inlet bench to the storage tank in the terminal room. This room is placed underground at the entrance of the park. The longest suction distance from inlet bench to terminal is approx. 170 meters.
The volume of the storage tank is 10m3. It is emptied approx. every seventh week by a standard suction vehicle and the slurry is taken to a biogas plant.

1) This provides a great reduction of waste transports in the area. The staff do not have, as they used before, to transport heavy sacks of waste to a container far away from the restaurant.

2) The system also provides a much higher hygiene in working areas inside the restaurants. In this sealed system it takes away the risk for contamination when crossing a clean area inside the kitchen/dishing area with food waste.

3) It also creates a much cleaner waste handling in total in the central waste station.

The system was installed in the later part of 2006 and the first part of 2007.

Visitors during the peak season is approximately 3.000 per day per restaurant.





Basic project information
Project startup2006
In operation since2007
Project completed2007
Basic system data
Type of systemKitchen Waste System
System subtypeKWS MiniVac
Application areaKitchen, Theme park
Total metres of pipe190
Type of wasteFood/Organic waste