Project executed by
Envac Scandinavia AB
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Project status
Sweden / City Centre

Six self-emptying litterbins are installed along the park Mariatorget in central Stockholm, Sweden.

The litterbins have a level sensor that senses when the bins are full. A valve opens underneath and the litter is transported in an underground pipe net and on to a storage container in a small waste collection station, hidden beneath the lawn in one corner of the park.

The storage container is emptied every 14 days and lifted to the ground level by a hydraulic lift table. A truck transports the container to the incinerator located in Högdalen in southern Stockholm, where the waste is converted to energy and electricity.

The collection station has been configured to enable future connection to additional bins, as well as to the buildings around Mariatorget.

Owner: The City of Stockholm

Basic project information
Project startup2010
In operation since2011
Project completed2011
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 400
Application areaCity Centre
Number of fractions1
Number of inlets6
Total metres of pipe180
Type of wasteStreet litter