Palm Marina Apartments

Palm Marina Apartments
Project executed by
Envac Middle East
Project status
UAE / Residential area

Envac’s design was coordinated with the main contractor via the use of clash detection software to ensure that any clashes with other utilities were avoided well before construction started

Palm Marina was the first of three projects awarded to Envac on Palm Jumeirah.  

Envac has installed two independent pneumatic waste collection systems that collect waste from 480 apartments across three towers. Envac designed, built and now operates and maintains these two systems each located on either side of the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

The residential towers are connected to the Envac system via gravity chutes at basement level. Envac’s Ø400mm pipe network then pneumatically conveys waste to the onsite collection stations located at ground floor level, enabling easy access for trucks to collect the compacted waste. Collection occurs weekly compared to daily collection if the Envac system were not used.

Basic project information
Project startup2007
Project completed2010
Basic system data
Type of systemStationary Vacuum System
System subtypeSVS 400
Application areaResidential area
Design capacity8 tons per day
Area size60 000 m2
Number of fractions1
Number of inlets6
Total metres of pipe880
Type of wasteMixed recyclables with paper