Inspiration - Use the space you save for better purposes

Imagine if you could turn waste storage facilities in or outside buildings into student rooms, bike pools or cafés! This is fully possible with our system for automated waste collection. You no longer need waste storage facilities in or outside each building. You gain 0.6–0.8m2 per apartment built compared with a conventional waste collection system.

A city district with 2,000 apartments can free up around 1,400 more square metres. This means that 77 waste storage facilities in or outside buildings can be used for other functions that contribute to a more pleasant living environment. As an example, we have marked waste storage facilities on the map showing alternative usages.

Find this interesting?

If yes, we recommend our latest white paper "How to put a price on waste collection" in which we show how to economically assess and compare different waste management approaches using a simple formula - comparing their relative value to a development. If, for example, waste rooms can be used for other purposes, this will increase operational revenue for the property owner and should therefore be part of the economic assessment when evaluating different waste handling technologies.

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