Turn waste storage facilities into new apartments, cafés or bike pools

Our automated waste collection system not only reduces litter, smells and the noise from waste collection trucks. It also frees up more usable space as you minimize the need for a waste storage facility and collection area in and around each building. Calculations show that you gain between 0.6 and 0.8 m2 ground floor waste storage space per apartment in the building compared to conventional bin collection.

A district with 3,500 apartments gains for example 2,400m2 more usable space. This can be used for new apartments, retail space, cafés, community centres, student rooms, bike parks or a combination of these.

Calculate how much space you can gain


According to the National Board of Housing, Sweden needs to build 426,000 new homes by 2020. Envac’s system frees up 0.7 m2 per apartment equalling 298,200 extra m2. That means 7,400 more apartments at 40 m2 each.

The calculation is based on once a week collection as standard and a minimum of three waste fractions.