Safe waste handling at airports

Large amounts of waste are generated at airports – onboard aircraft, in catering kitchens, at the restaurants, in the shops and in the administrative offices. Dense air traffic requires fast, efficient waste handling, while also observing a number of safety regulations. The Envac vacuum system meets all requirements.

Manual waste handling at airports is heavy, dirty work that causes all kinds of problems. Waste sacks have to be taken past customs and security staff, and waste collection trucks have to drive around on the already very busy tarmac. But these problems simply disappear with the Envac vacuum system for waste handling. Compared with traditional, manual handling, this system is safer, more efficient, more hygienic – and not least, more economical.

This is how it works

As soon as an aircraft has taxied in and is standing at its gate, cleaning staff board the plane to get it ready for its next flight. But instead of carrying the sacks of waste off every aircraft to a waste collection truck waiting on the tarmac, as is the case now, or simply transporting them through customs and on to a waste room for temporary storage, staff can now throw them straight into a waste chute located in the bridge at the same level as the entry doors. If the plane has no contact with the bridge, there are other chutes on the tarmac which can be used. This keeps traffic on the tarmac and going through customs to a minimum. 

Added value

The Envac vacuum system for waste handling is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. It simplifies logistics and keeps running costs low. We remove waste handling from places at the airport where it does not belong while at the same time creating added value.

For the environment

Waste transport traffic is removed from the airport, thereby greatly reducing emissions of exhaust gases and carbon dioxide.

For the working environment

An underground waste handling system provides a better working environment on the tarmac and for cleaning staff aboard aircraft. There are no waste collection trucks, the staff have less to lift and drag, and there is no risk of them spreading infection or cutting themselves as there is almost no physical contact with the waste.

For safety and wellbeing

When manual waste handling is taken out of the equation, both passengers and staff have a cleaner, more attractive airport to enjoy. Sacks from the aircraft will not need to be transported manually through customs and other critical areas, nor will it have to be carried around in full view of passengers in the departure and arrivals halls, or at the gates.

Full availability and stability

The Envac system is always available ‒ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The risk of downtime is minimal.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs.

Moreover, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that you could be using for other things.




Examples of Envac installations in this environment