Waste handling in flight catering kitchens

Large catering kitchens at airports are operational more or less round the clock. They have to deal with enormous amounts of waste from incoming aircraft, food preparation kitchens and staff canteens. Compared with traditional manual refuse collection methods, an automated kitchen waste system is safer, more efficient, more hygienic – and cheaper in the long run.

Handling waste manually in catering kitchens is a dirty, troublesome task. Waste bins fill up quickly and then have to be trundled off to a temporary storage area. Wet kitchen waste makes these bins heavy, and the hot, damp environment of the restaurant kitchen quickly starts to smell of the waste. Often waste has to be removed from the kitchen via the same route that ingredients for meals are brought in.

These problems are eradicated by installation of an automated kitchen waste system. The trays being returned by incoming aircraft are taken off the plane on a conveyor belt, and all the waste remaining after sorting is automatically sucked out by means of a suction hood. The inlets are located conveniently throughout the entire kitchen and differ in appearance depending on the type of waste. Some inlets are equipped with waste disposal units in order to reduce the volume of bulky waste.

More advantages of the Envac Kitchen Waste System

  • Valuable space can be freed up in the kitchen.
  • Better hygiene – no odour, no leaks, no bacteria, no insects.
  • Waste inlets can be positioned within comfortable reach of worktops, etc.
  • The waste storage location is independent of the location of the waste inlets. It is normally located in a position where it will be easiest to pick up/empty, such as outside the building or in the basement.
  • The storage area does not need air conditioning.
  • Waste can be processed (by grinding or removing moisture, for example) to make it easier to handle.
  • System capacity is optimised with regard to estimated quantity of waste and pickup frequency.
  • There is no manual handling or transportation of food waste.
  • ISO 14001 accreditation of your kitchen.
  • Compliant with the very strictest HACCP hygiene requirements.
  • The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs.


Envac offers automated kitchen handling systems for both large and small kitchens. The applications of this system are practically unlimited, regardless of the design and function of the kitchen premises.

Examples of Envac installations in this environment