Shopping malls / Retail shops

Large amounts of waste is created in In shopping malls and retail shops. Most of it is packaging material such as plastic, paper and cardboard that has to be recycled. With an Envac system the handling becomes a lot easier.

When conventional waste handling is used, a significant amount of space is allocated to storing the packaging material; this may be both in the shops and also in the central storage room before it is collected by the collection company. The waste handling can often get into a logistical conflict with the delivery of new goods to the shops. In addition, staff who are not employed to handle or sort the waste end up spending valuable time transporting the waste from the shop as well as spending time when the storage surfaces need to be cleaned. Consequently, the waste handling becomes costly and the working environment poorer. 

Added value

The Envac solution is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. It makes the enivornment in the shopping centre or in the street considerably cleaner while at the same time adding other value.

Time saving

An Envac system can improve efficiency by saving the time that staff would otherwise be dealing with and sorting the waste by hand. As such, no more time is wasted carrying bags or cleaning the storage room.

For the working environment

An underground waste handling system provides a better working environment for all staff, both for the shop and for the cleaning company. Staff will have less to lift/transport and as a result, there is no risk of them spreading infection or wounding themselves as there is almost no physical contact with the waste.

More simple logistics

The deliveries of goods to the shops are easier as it no longer has to be coordinated with the waste handling.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated by having lower operation and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that can be used by the developer for other things such as further dwellings.


Examples of Envac installations in this environment