Vacuum systems in city centres

Waste handling operatives face many challenges in city centres. Traffic jams, a lack of space and lots of people. At the same time, ensuring a clean, tidy city environment is becoming an ever more important competitive advantage for city brands. The Envac vacuum system for waste handling results in considerably cleaner cities.

Volumes of waste in our city centres is increasing year on year. And the cost of dealing with all this waste is increasing at the same rate. More and more waste is being produced, which in turn leads to more transportation, increased emissions and even more of a shortage of space. Tourists, walkers and people who work in the city have to put up with smelly waste and noisy waste collection trucks idling right next to them. Every day. Demands for more hygienic waste handling are being expressed more and more frequently, not least from shopkeepers in the area.

With a vacuum system, nobody needs to come into contact with waste sacks or containers. All full inlets are emptied at regular intervals via a control system in a terminal building on the periphery of the area. The terminal building is linked to the inlets by means of an underground pipe system. The vacuum system can handle waste from the most diverse organisations – offices, shops, restaurants and from households, of course.

More and more Envac vacuum systems are being installed in city centres, both in new and old. A well-known example is Nyhavn in Copenhagen, where the Envac system collects waste from households, restaurants and small shops. Envac's self-emptying litterbins make sure all the street litter is rapidly whisked away from Nyhavn, which indeed is a busy tourist spot all year round, but exploding in the summer months.

Added value

Our solution is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. We remove waste handling from the urban environment and at the same time add other value:

No need for waste collection trucks

Burying the waste handling system eliminates the need for heavy waste collection trucks in the city centre. The problem of over-full containers in the streets disappears as waste is emptied automatically as required.

Better hygiene

Hygiene is improved considerably for residents, shopkeepers and waste collection operatives. And as the system is hermetically sealed, waste will no longer attract pests or insects or release unpleasant odours.

Easy to position inlets

As inlets are less bulky than standard containers, there is room for more of them, thereby facilitating sorting at source. They can be placed at convenient distances for users and be structured so that they fit in with the environment and at the same time take into account buildings which are listed or otherwise protected.

Options for individual invoicing

Digital technology provides information on individual units connected. The quantity and type of waste and the time are recorded. This method allows every operator to be invoiced separately.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs.

Moreover, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that you could be using for other things

Examples of Envac installations in this environment