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Hamad International Airport

The waste is transported in a pipe system that runs in ceilings and culverts, hidden from the public eye.

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New development
44 inlets
2 fractions
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Doha’s state of the art Hamad International Airport opened in April 2014 and has a design capacity of 50 million passengers per year. Envac designed, built and now operates and maintain nine systems at the aiport.

Five systems collect all the catering waste from the Qatar Airlines Flight Catering while the other four systems collect mixed waste generated within the terminal building. The kitchen waste system operates at over 99% availability in an environment where efficiency is crucial to the success of the operation.

  • Waste inlets in the kitchen = 20
  • Waste inlets in the terminal = 24
  • Envac has also provided four bailing machines to manage cardboard waste.
Envac provides airports and catering facilities with sustainable waste conveyande systems.

A buffer carousel for faster disposal of multiple waste bags


Basic project information

Type of development Airport

Waste collection capacity Airport = 125 tons/day Kitchen = 40 tons/day

Country Qatar

City Doha

Client -

Envac contract awarded 2009

Launched 2014

Design parameters

Type of project Upgrading and New development

Type of system Stationary vacuum system

Pipe network dimension (mm) Terminal building = 500 Kitchen = 300

Pipe network length (mts) 1,200 across all systems

Nr. of waste fractions 2

Type of waste fraction Catering Waste and Airport Terminal Waste

Nr. of storage tanks (MOVAC)

Number of apartments N/A

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