Project type / City

Jurong East Street 21

Envac worked hand in hand with the Housing Development Board in Singapore to upgrade Yuhua Estate according with the government’s Greenprint project.

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Existing area, Retrofitting
204 waste inlets
2 fractions = General waste/Recyclables
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The client

Housing Development Board (HDB), Singapore

The project

Yuhua Estate in Jurong is a pilot for the HDB Greenprint project.  The old publich housing estate has been transformed into a “Green Neighbourhood”. The project includes solar panels, energy efficient lighting and Envac’s pneumatic waste conveyance system.

The Envac system serves 3,200 residential apartments in 38 blocks; the transportation pipe net is made out of 4,800 metres of pipe. The total number of waste inlets (the disposal points) are: 8 for commercial waste from the ground floor shops and cafés, 23 for recyclables (outdoor) and 173 in the kitchens.

The kitchens are equipped with a special solution for hygiene and comfort, a private waste inlet right under the sink. The general waste is carried away from the kitchen in a closed pipe net. This has several positive effects on the living environment. According to tenants in the area the air is fresher and the numbers of flies and other insects have decreased notably.

The recyclable waste is disposed in outdoor chutes in the yards.


Basic project information

Type of development City

Waste collection capacity 3-5 tons per day

Country Singapore

City Singapore

Client Housing Development Board of Singapore

Envac contract awarded 2014

Launched 2016

Design parameters

Type of project Retrofitting

Type of system Stationary Vacuum System

Pipe network dimension (mm) 400 and 500

Pipe network length (mts) 5,160

Nr. of waste fractions 2

Type of waste fraction General waste/Recyclables

Nr. of storage tanks (MOVAC) N/A

Number of apartments 3,189

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