Project type / City

Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

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New build
3 factions, General waste/Recyclables/Organic
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The client

Sunshine Coast Council

The brief

Sunshine Coast Council is Australia’s fifth largest municipality located 100km north of Brisbane.

When it embarked on an ambitious redevelopment programme that would see the transformation of Maroochydore City Centre, deliver some of the nation’s most sustainable building design and create over 30,000 jobs by 2040, it knew that it needed to take a more innovative approach to waste collection.

Not only would the development be densely populated, with over 2,000 apartments, retail outlets and significant commercial space, but also restricted vehicle access meant that the number of traditional bins required would have been uneconomical, unviable and not very aesthetically pleasing.

With a global portfolio of over 1,000 installations, Envac was invited to tender for the project that would see the first ever automated waste collection system (AWCS) be installed on Australian soil.

The project

After winning the contract in September 2016, and as part of Maroochydore’s smart city planning phase, Envac’s design team began developing a system that would be responsible for collecting waste, via its underground pipe work, over a footprint spanning 182,000m2.

The system was selected to support the council’s overarching goal of creating a new hub of economic development, improve the area’s infrastructure and create a new central business district for the area following Sunshine Coast Council’s request for Maroochydore City Centre to be given Priority Development Area status in 2013.

Envac is one of a number of select technologies to showcase Australia’s commitment to sustainable development and innovation that includes smart lighting, real time traffic management systems and high-speed fibre connections.

On completion the system, which will collect two waste fractions including general waste and dry recyclables, will transport nine tonnes of waste each day from 300 waste inlets located throughout the entire district.

It will also incorporate a number of Envac’s flagship products including the stationary vacuum system.

The first phase of the system, which includes the collection station, is due to be completed in 2019. The entire development will be completed in 2041.

Pipe installation. Maroochydore project, Sunshine Coast.


Basic project information

Type of development City

Waste collection capacity 13 tons per day

Country Australia

City Sunshine Coast

Client Sunshine Coast Council

Envac contract awarded September 2016

Launched On-going installation

Design parameters

Type of project New build

Type of system Stationary Vacuum System

Pipe network dimension (mm) 400 and 450

Pipe network length (mts) 2,000 for present stage. When completed: approx 6,500

Nr. of waste fractions 3 fractions

Type of waste fraction General waste/Recyclables/Organic

Nr. of storage tanks (MOVAC) N/A

Number of apartments 2 000

“I’m very proud the Sunshine Coast is leading the charge in Australia with this innovative waste collection solution and I’m sure other cities and major urban projects will soon be following in our footsteps. As well as making our city heart more attractive, this technology has a track record of increasing recycling rates, so our natural environment will benefit too.”

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson

Envac’s technology can be installed because we are building on an undeveloped, greenfield site within an existing urban area – and that has many other benefits. For instance, we are also building a high-speed fibre optic network into the city’s very foundations, which will enable us to provide ‘smart’ signage, free Wi-Fi hotspots, real-time transport information, movement sensors and smart lighting. Our city centre will be an exciting place to live, work and visit while setting a new standard for urban design in Australia.”

John Knaggs, CEO at SunCentral Maroochydore
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