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Envac Videos

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video is worth a million, which is why we’ve provided a selection of Envac videos for you to enjoy and share.

Bergen, Norway

is changing the municipal waste collection system from traditional to Envac. What are the effects so far? Is it a good investment? We talked to Kolbjörn Akevold, Special advisor, City of Bergen.

The result – Positive effects

A sound investment

How Bergen solved its escalating waste problem


Envac’s automated waste collection system for pre-sorted waste. The system is installed in Valla torg, a residential area in Stockholm, Sweden, as part of the EU project GrowSmarter.

Imagine a city without waste collection trucks

Based on a simulation by Sweco in the pre-study for the Stora Ursvik area in Sundbyberg, a municipality close to Stockholm, Sweden.

Envac End-users

The users like our systems. The video is based on a study among the end-users of pneumatic waste collection systems in five different cities in Spain. Interviews were made in Singapore and Sweden.

What a waste!

With an Envac systems the bins are emptied when needed, and the waste is transported out of sight, in fact underground, to a waste collection station located on the outskirts of the area to avoid traffic with heavy waste trucks.

Knowledge by experience

Why you should choose Envac as your partner in waste management.

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