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Envac system works non-stop during super-storm Sandy

New York state officials governing Roosevelt Island, the New York City Community that has had its Envac pneumatic waste collection system in operation for over 40 years, reported that the system continued its regular collection schedule despite the unprecedented impact of super-storm Sandy, which flooded and crippled other basic services in New York City including conventional waste collection made by waste collection trucks.

Similar to New York’s winter of 2010-11, when the rest of the City’s trash piled up for up to three weeks because garbage trucks were used to plow snow, Roosevelt Island was the City’s only sanitation district with uninterrupted collections.

Super-Storm Sandy hit the New York and New Jersey coastline on October 30, 2012, with such force that power was lost by millions of people, streets and roads, and homes were flooded and became impassable for days.

Some communities were completely destroyed and garbage trucks that could navigate flooded streets were used to remove tons of storm related rubbish including bedding, furniture, abandoned cars and building material rubble, leaving traditional household trash uncollected for days – except on Roosevelt Island.

This island community of about 14,000 residents, which is a part of Manhattan and is situated in the middle of the East River, has been serviced by an early Envac pneumatic trash collection system since the 1970s. It has operated reliably ever since and even allows new buildings, which have been developed on the island, to connect to the system.

Snowstorm proof

The pneumatic trash collection system has met the challenge of severe weather conditions before.

In the winter of 2010-2011, New York City suffered an intense snowstorm that left so much snow on the streets that garbage collection trucks were re-deployed and used as snowploughs for up to three weeks.

Garbage was uncollected in many main thoroughfares during that period, with mounds piling up in streets and sidewalks. Again, Roosevelt Island, thanks to Envac, was the City’s only sanitation district with uninterrupted collections during that period.

Other Envac systems in the US & Canada

Other major Envac systems in the US include an installation at Disney World in Orlando, a residential development in Summit, New Jersey, a system currently being installed in Carmel City and a new mixed-use community under construction near Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, other installations are servicing hospitals throughout the country.

Envac U.S. has been invited to propose systems for a variety of cutting edge projects including a major new Veteran’s Administration Hospital to be built in Denver, Colorado; a 6 million sq. ft. mixed use development along the Hudson River in mid-Manhattan and the new Cornell-NYTech 2 million sq. ft. applied sciences campus, on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island.

In 2009 Envac Canada Systems Inc. was set up in Montreal in order to respond to potential projects throughout Canada as well as management of existing projects in the area of Quebec.

Envac has a flight kitchen system running at Toronto Airport since 1989. There are also two mixed use developments under construction in the province of Quebec. Le Quartier Des Spectacles, a major urban revitalization project in the center of Montreal and the Eco city of La Cite Verte in Quebec City.  More recent projects include an installation at the Montreal’s Jewish Hospital for the collection of trash and linen, in constructive phase since April 2012.

NYC 2012-11-26

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