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Smart and sustainable urban development

As a leading Swedish environmental technology company, Envac is committed to driving forward urban development and preparing cities for tomorrow.

The world’s cities are growing at such a fast pace that that the growth required to effectively manage them threatens to damage the environment. By developing sustainable waste collection solutions that use airflow instead of fossil fuels and collecting data for a smarter operation – we are playing our role in helping to shape and maintain urban environments.

Pneumatic waste collection is sustainable waste collection

Wherever Envac’s systems are installed, waste collection lorry miles are reduced by up to 90 per cent. This reduces airborne impurities, minimises the risk of traffic-related accidents and contributes towards creating urban environments that are quieter and more hygienic.

Apart from this, the system is accessible 24/7 and will keep on working during strikes, storms and holidays.

Innovation + responsibility = Envac

We continuously strive to improve our solutions. Our current focus is to make the system even smarter by integrating artificial intelligence within the technology’s automation platform.

The Envac system of today provides the option to collect and analyse data in order to optimise waste collection. Users can monitor their environmental impact, the local government can optimise the schedule for collecting full waste containers and provide incentives to residents to improve recycling.

Our role is to take responsibility for developing our technology whilst encouraging its users to take responsibility for their waste footprint.

What are the benefits of sustainable waste collection?

  • Reduced air impurities and particles
  • Decreased traffic noise and the noises attributable to emptying bins
  • Safer, cleaner and more hygienic urban environments
  • The system is always accessible – 24/7/365
  • Makes recycling easier
  • Intelligent waste collection as a result of being able to analyse regular habits and use the intelligence to promote positive change

Getting smarter

What is the data collected by the Envac system used for and who is using it?

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Roosevelt Island saved from chaos

Envac’s system on Roosevelt Island remained intact and in operation during Storm Sandy.

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Helping cities across the world become more sustainable

Envac represents the cutting edge technology in modern day waste collection.

To find out how, where and why we’ve improved the sustainability credentials of some of the world’s most renowned cities, read our case study section here.

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