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Envac Smart City – Data collection

Envac’s underground waste collection technology differs from more traditional waste collection means in so much as it is a fully automated, industrial system for local waste management. The need for physical intervention in moving waste bins/containers back and forth within the estate is eliminated.

Once a waste item is deposited in an Envac inlet, the need for human intervention with the waste ceases.

This fully automated waste management system is, of course, ideal as a platform for collecting and processing data in order to optimise the functionality of the collection system and to provide feedback to its users and owners.

The need to collect operational data from waste collection systems is increasing in line with their ability to positively impact the environment. For Envac’s part this data collection and processing serve the following purposes:

System owners (i.e. local governments and/or building owners)

  • Performance data (energy consumption – kWh/ton, availability, alarms statistics, collected tonnages etc.)
  • Preventive service and repair reports
  • Data for invoicing of users based on individual users’ frequency of use, time of use and type/weight/volume of waste disposed of (particularly for commercial users)

Waste collection and waste processing services

  • Scheduling collection of containers based on their filling rate and historical disposal data
  • Waste quality (purity of fractions, moisture content etc.)
  • End users (can be broken down on building or block sizes, type of user etc)
  • Feedback on individually disposed waste volumes
  • Recycling data compared to established targets
  • System feedback (repairs, malfunctions)

Envac’s product development

  • Comparison of individual system with installation database to detect abnormalities
  • User behaviour characteristics (waste volumes, disposal habits, type of waste per user categories etc.)
  • Information on how and where to dispose of waste types which can’t be disposed of in the Envac system

City government

  • Environmental impact of waste disposed of in a particular area (driving emissions based on collection frequency, energy consumption)
  • Waste volumes per household/user per waste stream and per week/month year compared to defined targets
  • User satisfaction reports

AI will bring changes to waste collection

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The Envac system

Whilst the technology and the infrastructure involved in making Envac operational 365 days a year is technical, the concept is simple.

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