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Envac Kitchen Waste System

Food waste is an important environmental resource. It is perfect for biogas production or composting. Every day millions of tons of food waste is produced, in restaurants, catering facilities, staff canteens, kitchens and food markets.

No matter if it is a large airline catering facility, a canteen at a hospital or a restaurant, Envac has a kitchen waste system that will be optimal for its needs.

Improved hygiene = better food

Traditionally handled it is a huge challenge to collect the waste in kitchen and food preparation areas. There are very strict hygiene demands to eliminate the cross-contamination risks of the food. By using inlets for food waste, integrated in the food production, Envac’s vacuum system can collect the food waste through hermetically sealed steel pipes as soon as it is produced. This eliminates any risk of contamination and complies with the strictest hygiene requirements, HACCP.

Easier to design for more efficiency

The planning of a kitchen or a catering facility is the fundamental basis of the control of the hazards within which good management and working practice take place. All hazards are important but the most pressing is contamination. To simply eliminate the risks of contamination from food scraps and other waste is a dream scenario for kitchen planners and architects. It is a major relief for them to be able to focus on design and efficiency as Envac take care of the waste’s hazards.

Flexibel system with high performance

Envac’s fully automatic system is a front-end technology within waste management.

It handles numerous kinds of waste from different areas such as dishwashing area, food preparation area, hot kitchen area etc. No matter if it is wet waste, dry waste, collapsible waste, bagged waste or loose waste, Envac’s system will take care of it. The system operates 24/7 and collects the waste whenever it is produced.

At the end-destination (aka the waste collection terminal) food waste, mixed waste and different kind of recyclables is directed to individual containers. This process is automated and taken care of by a control system.

Profitable investment that frees up space

Not only does Envac’s pneumatic system reduce the manual handling of waste to a minimum, it also minimizes the need for temporary storage of bins and bags. The high amount of organics in the waste means that any temporary storage of the waste need to be cooled. Every square meter that could find a better use is valuable and the elimination of unnecessary energy costs as well.

The hygienic transportation means that the area will become easier and faster to clean and the Envac system significantly saves manpower related to both cleaning and transportation.

Provides good working environment

Handling waste manually is a heavy and hazardous task. There is a risk of strain injuries as well as accidents and even cut wounds from lifting and carrying of waste. We improve the working environment substantially by letting the air do all the work. Waste contains a lot of organics which will smell and attract rats and other pest but by sealing of the waste in our hermetically sealed steel system this challenge is solved.

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