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The mobile vacuum system was developed in the late 1980’s, primarily for small and medium-sized areas. The third generation – Movac – has a greater capacity than it’s predecessors and is designed for urban and suburban environments. Movac is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other mobile collection systems.

Waste inlets

Users throw their waste bags into readily accessible waste inlets located either indoors or outdoors. The waste is then stored in closed underground screw tanks, which are linked together with docking points by a network of underground pipes.

Docking points

The docking points are positioned in such a way as to ensure that the vacuum truck picking up the waste causes minimal disruption by avoiding gardens, narrow streets and densely populated areas.

The storage tanks

The underground tanks are emptied regularly depending on the amount of waste discarded and the storage capacity of the screw tanks. The vacuum truck, which empties the tanks via the docking points, creates an air velocity in the pipe system. Once this vacuum has reached a required level the waste is sucked seamlessly out of the screw tanks, through the pipe system and into the vacuum truck, where it is compressed.

The waste is weighed

When the screw tanks are emptied the amount of waste collected per tank is recorded by measuring the weight in the vehicle (if this option is selected). This information can then be used to invoice individual property owners or companies for the exact amount of waste they produce.

Added value

The Envac solution is a long-term investment with significant financial and environmental advantages. It makes areas considerably cleaner, reduces carbon emissions and increases the sustainability credentials of the environments in which it operates.

No need for waste collection vehicles

As there is no longer any need to manually empty bins, waste collection vehicles no longer need to make frequent visits to the area. This reduces the amount of heavily polluting waste collection vehicles on the roads whilst creating a safer environment for residents. Resources traditionally associated with manually emptying bins can be reallocated and waste collection cycles can be made more regularly – and at less cost.

Better hygiene

Hygiene is considerably improved for people in the area and for waste collection operatives, who no longer need to come into contact with the waste. As the system is hermetically sealed, the litter will not attract pests or insects or release unpleasant odours.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The initial cost of the investment is offset by lower operation and maintenance costs.

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