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Operation & Maintenance

Waste collection should be sustainable, safe and reliable. With the right operation, maintenance and service from Envac, your system will last longer.

It has been around half a century since Envac invented the pneumatic waste collection technology. Since then we have installed and operated over 1,000 systems around the world. For our customers, this means waste collection that works smoothly and effectively.

Optimising the system

A pneumatic waste collection system is optimised to minimise wear and tear, increase capacity and save energy. We can help you to analyse the waste that you discard, vacuum strength, recycling habits and other factors that impact how efficient the system is.

As support, we have Envac’s proprietary automation software – the result of close to 60 years’ collected system data and experience of how the system can be operated to achieve maximum effect. We tailor each system to optimise performance.


With over 5,000 operating hours behind us, we really do know our pneumatic waste collection systems. Over the years, we have built up a large database with reference cases that serve as a particularly useful resource.

Envac’s waste collection terminals can easily be remotely monitored from our operations centre. Most  disruptions are resolved remotely; otherwise, we quickly send out a service engineer. Errors are registered by phone or online. We are available every day, all year round.

With Envac, you can choose the level of the operation agreement: from base level to full operating responsibility, including investments for up to ten years.

“Often, we can remedy a disruption before the end user has even noticed that something is wrong.”

Klas Leksell, Head of Operation & Maintenance, Envac Sweden

Emergency plan

The Envac system is incredibly reliable and remains functional during both storms and general strikes.

But there are some factors we cannot influence, for example if an electricity cable is damaged during excavation work.

In such cases, it is good to know that we have an emergency plan for emptying.


The right maintenance will ensure that your system lasts longer. We inspect the condition of fans, fan motors, separators, containers and other technical equipment.

We also clean the system, check the automatic emptying function, inspect all visible moving parts and much more.

A maintenance visit concludes with a report describing the system’s maintenance schedule and preventive service dates.

The right information results in smarter waste collection

Even the smartest waste collection system has trouble dealing with Christmas trees and bumpers. The more people living or working in the area who know how the system works, the smoother it will function.

We at Envac use information campaigns to explain how waste segregation works, what type of waste can be thrown in the system, and what to do with the waste streams that are collected in other ways.

Good information gives your pneumatic waste collection system a longer lifespan. We can also recycle more if the waste has a higher degree of purity.

Envac in the city

To create and plan a sustainable city we have to start thinking differently regarding the waste collection. Envac’s transforms city centres and residential areas into cleaner, more inviting places.

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