Waste collection, reimagined

Envac’s waste collection solutions are smart, sustainable and cost-efficient.
We provide added value for property owners and ensure satisfied end-users, no matter if the system is used at home or at work.

It's not magic. Just feels like it.

In the sustainable city the waste collection takes place in a sealed system underground.
But what happens under the surface? Where does the waste go?  Let’s go underground and see how it works.

Imagine a city without waste collection trucks

It is now possible to create cities where waste collection trucks become obsolete; cities with with less noise, less traffic and lower carbon emissions.

With an Envac system in a typical residential district containing 3,500 apartments, waste collection trucks only need to spend 177 hours per year collecting waste compared with the 3,718 hours required to manually collect waste using traditional techniques.

The content in the video is based on a simulation of Stora Ursvik, a residential area in Sweden that chose Envac.

Make a long-term investment that’s worth the money

The investment costs are offset by:

  • Minimal manual processing results in low operating and maintenance costs
  • It also puts less strain on sanitation workers’ backs.
  • Increased property value with cleaner local environment
  • The space that is saved when waste storage rooms can be turned into cafes, bicycle repair shops or other businesses

An award-winning system

The City of Bergen in Norway won the Energy Globe Award 2017 for its decision to install a pneumatic waste collection system.

Read the press release
The Envac system at Stockholm Royal Seaport

A smarter way to collect waste

In Stockholm’s Royal Seaport waste collection data is gathered and used to optimise the system and provide feedback to users.

Read about the project

Save space by converting waste storage space into cafés, bike pools and even new apartments

A pneumatic waste collection system not only reduces on-street litter, smells and the noise from waste collection trucks, but also frees up space by reducing the amount of space required for waste storage areas.

Calculations* show how developments that adopt the technology gain between 0.6 and 0.8 m2 ground floor space per apartment – space that would otherwise be allocated to waste storage

A district with 3,500 apartments that uses Envac, for example, gains 2,400m2 of usable space, which can be used for new apartments, retail space, cafés, community centres, student rooms or bike parks.



Be inspired. Explore what can be achieved with more space.

Don’t just take Envac’s word for it

With over 1,000 installations in operation there are now many Envac users across the world.

Find out what a selection of people – from Sweden to Singapore – have to say about the system.

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