Envac at the airport

Waste collection that’s off to a flying start

Envac´s pneumatic waste collection systems now handle large amounts of waste at airports around the world.

Whether your goal is to collect public litter within airport terminals, effectively manage waste from incoming flights or install a system to handle wet and dry waste from on-site flight catering facilities, Envac is leading the way when it comes to pneumatic waste collection systems in airport environments.

Offering first class service, as standard

No more overfull bins and no more smelly or unsightly bins being wheeled around departure and arrival areas means that both travellers and airport staff benefit from cleaner, more hygienic environments.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Airports are the gateways to a country, so make sure first impressions count by using Envac to keep them clean, tidy and pleasant to visit.

Why use Envac in airports?

  • Minimise on-site waste-related vehicle movements and associated carbon emissions by relying on air flow and an underground pipe network as opposed to industrial vehicles powered by combustible fuel
  • Reduce manual waste-related resource and an airport’s reliance on porters who, using traditional waste collection methods, are needed to move waste around the site
  • Remove waste from the huge logistical and operational pressures faced by airports
  • Install a system that can effortlessly handle large volumes of waste generated by large volumes of footfall experienced at airports each and every day
  • Harness the power of a waste collection system which, like an airport, never sleeps and continues to collect waste 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Implement an industrial-scale waste collection system where the process of waste collection can never be heard, seen or smelt
  • Introduce a secure waste collection system – an integral feature in the context of an airport
  • Create a more attractive environment for passengers and airport staff
  • Envac’s Kitchen Waste System is compliant with the strict HACCP hygiene requirements and ISO14001

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