Envac in the city

Imagine a city without open waste containers, overflowing waste bins on the streets or waste collection vehicles causing traffic jams and polluting the air.

Envac’s vacuum waste technology allows waste collection to become sustainable, smart and more cost-efficient. Our award-winning system transforms city centres and residential areas into cleaner, more inviting places. We help creating sustainable cities.

Envac’s pneumatic waste collection systems can be installed in existing city centres and integrated into the city’s architecture. More and more cities are becoming aware of the costs associated with traffic jams, littering, noise and emissions. These create health risks, lower the living standard for residents and weaken the city’s image and brand.

How it works

Once the user has placed a bag in the Envac inlet, the waste is sucked through an underground pipe network to a waste collection terminal.

The pipes are ether hidden underground, similar to telecommunications, gas and electricity infrastructure, or situated within the very core of a building.

By using Envac, space traditionally designated for bin storage is no longer required, manual handling of waste is minimised and waste no longer needs to be transported through the streets using heavily polluting waste collection vehicles. 

What effects can your city expect when changing to Envac?

Quieter, safer and more pleasant

When using pneumatic waste collection systems, cities become cleaner, greener and more appealing. They also reduce the amount of waste collection associated traffic by 90 per cent, making communities safer and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Regardless of the location – from urban districts to historic city centres – Envac can be used to take waste collection into the 21st century.

Commercial waste

Envac is improving the efficiency of waste collection amongst business communities worldwide.

By connecting directly to an Envac system, local businesses are boosting recycling rates and avoiding the inconvenience of having to place bags in large bins, which are often situated outside.

Envac’s on-site pneumatic waste collection technology can even incorporate a shredder to ensure that any confidential papers are destroyed before being transported – via airflow – to the collection station.

Examples of businesses and organisations currently connected to an Envac system include: pre-schools; schools; hotels; office buildings; industrial parks; food halls; university campuses; parks; city beaches; cathedrals; pedestrian streets; amusement parks and industrial kitchens.

Getting down to business

Sparbanken Vest is one of the users from the business community that is connected to the Envac system in Bergen.

Additional benefits

  • Improved local environments with clean courtyards and pavements
  • Strategically located waste inlets make waste easy to dispose – wherever you are
  • Less noise, less traffic and fewer carbon emissions
  • Space typically saved for bin storage is freed up for other purposes, such as additional commercial property or used to add value to the environment in the form of additional green space, parks or bicycle storage
  • The system is operational 24/7, which means no more overfull bins and, as it’s automated, it isn’t reliant on people and affected by strikes or inclement weather

Satisfaction guaranteed

We asked 2,000 Spanish Envac users about waste collection. Their response?


Prefer Envac’s automated underground waste collection to traditional waste collection.


Would encourage local authorities to install Envac if they moved to a different area.


Feel that Envac contributes to creating cleaner spaces and more pleasant urban environments.


Feel that traditional waste collection creates traffic problems.

A long-term investment with long-term benefits

Envac’s initial investment costs are offset by:

  • Reduced manual handling results in low operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased sustainability credentials of a development
  • Increased property values with cleaner local environments
  • Space traditionally reserved for communal waste rooms can be reallocated for commercial development or parks and public spaces

Envac’s door is ALWAYS open

Pneumatic waste collection from Envac means:

  • Emptying 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • No overflowing waste bins
  • 100% functional without interruption during strikes, bank holiday weekends and bad weather

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