Envac’s sustainability report emphasises on carbon neutral operations in smart waste collection

Stockholm, Sweden, 16th June 2023

At Envac, we aim to completely transform the waste management industry by introducing innovative and accessible solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies enable us to confront the global challenges we face and positively impact future generations. Numerous smart cities have recognised the benefits of our automated waste collection system and are investing in it as a sustainable and ingenious way to localise the solution. The system offers a multitude of advantages, including reducing truck traffic, minimising waste output, promoting recycling, and creating employment opportunities. We firmly believe that addressing global sustainability requires collective action and cooperation to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Envac has confidently set a goal in line with the UN Sustainable Development goals for the organisation to achieve low-carbon operations by 2030. We are determined to promote sustainable urban development significantly, and our commitment to this cause is unwavering. Our latest report outlines our efforts to reduce the energy consumption of our system, promote recycling, implement circular resource management, and conduct a life cycle analysis (LCA) of our system. The new LCA metric will provide a deeper understanding of the critical areas for achieving carbon neutrality in the future. Envac had a successful year in 2022 as we navigated global uncertainties and ensured our business could continue providing waste collection systems that enhance people’s quality of life. Our system now has 4.2 million daily users, and we’ve reduced energy consumption by 50% over the past decade using smart technology. Our partnership in Sweden has achieved a 70% reduction in power consumption during peak hours thanks to our Envac Automation Platform (EAP) combined with batteries. Envac contributes to circular resource use and carbon neutrality, creating added value for property developers in sustainable urban development. In our new and upgraded facilities, using modern technology, the system operational energy has a possibility to be lower than 50 kWh/tonne. We want to achieve this milestone for all the systems globally through retrofitting.

Figure 1: Manual v/s Automatic waste collection allows lower carbon emission (comparative analysis)

“Envac is committed to supporting climate change challenges. According to a recent UN climate report, it is still possible to reap significant benefits by acting now. The report suggests that changes in consumer behaviour can significantly reduce emissions across various sectors, such as dietary habits, waste handling, and adopting low-carbon transportation. By implementing an automated waste collection system from Envac, heavy traffic can be reduced, thereby minimising the carbon emissions associated with waste transportation. Our modern technology can also help foster improved consumer behaviour and impact millions of users worldwide.” – Christer Lundberg, Global Sustainability & Quality Lead, Envac

Read the Envac sustainability report to learn more.

Press Contact: Christer Lundberg, Christer.lundberg@envac.se


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