Envac offers automatic waste collection systems that help create cleaner environments and smarter cities. Our innovative technology has revolutionised waste management by reducing air pollution, carbon emissions, and unsanitary conditions associated with traditional waste collection methods.

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What we do – Smart automated waste collection

Our innovative automated waste collection system plays a big role in shaping and maintaining smart and sustainable cities around the world.

Using innovation and ingenuity, we improve the quality-of-life today and secure a greener planet for future generations.

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Discover the Envac automated waste collection system

Our automated waste collection system is technically advanced, and the concept is proven and straight-forward.

The Envac system makes urban environments cleaner and healthier, and by reducing waste helps them become greener and more sustainable.

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Courtesy Norconsult AS


Proud of its historical city center, with narrow streets and wooden buildings, Bergen has taken steps to safeguard its cultural heritage from fire. By opting for Envac’s pipe-based waste collection instead of traditional bin-based collection, Bergen has become a global trailblazer.


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