Smart waste handling for sustainable cities, hospitals and airports

A 21st century waste collection solution

What a waste! 300 years of waste management and so little has changed.

It is time to say goodbye to waste collection trucks, overfull bins and vermin.

And say hello to Envac!

Forward thinking

Cities around the world are installing Envac systems in new and existing residential areas, historical quarters, campuses, schools, hotels, parks, banks, office buildings, financial centres and in many of the tallest high-rise buildings.

Envac is also found in many hospitals and at airports.

Achieving the UN's Global Goals

By incorporating smart waste collection technologies, Envac can help its customers to achieve Goal 11.

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Getting smarter

The need to collect operational data from waste collection systems is increasing in line with their ability to positively impact the environment.

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What effects can your city expect when changing to Envac?

We interviewed our client, The City of Bergen, in Norway, to find out what immediate effects they had noted when changing from manual waste collection to Envac’s pneumatic waste collection system.

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