Data-driven and automated future

Our system helps bring waste collection into this future by collecting and analyzing data, making our waste collection technology increasingly sustainable. Our insights are shared with cities, business owners, hospital directors and airport managers to help them better understand how they can improve their business and environmental impact.

Envac Cloud and our system portal (ESP) is available for all our recent systems. By connecting the automated waste collection system to ESP you get:

  • reports on system performance and usage
  • real time status of waste inlets in map view
  • a secure remote control management with full support for mobile and desktop
  • backups of operational settings, allowing for fast recovery in case of mishaps
  • seamless updates of new functionalities

With ESP you get the possibility to connect to Envac ReFlow, a mobile application for waste management and citizen engagement that encourages and motivates recycling habits, empowering cities to achieve their climate goals with ease.

Envac System Portal with map view

ESP provides operators and system owners an easy overview of all waste inlets on a map.

Status for inlets and valves are shown on a map in real time. ESP enables operators to solve many of the issues remotely from anywhere using mobile phone or desktop.

Next-level information and decision making

Our automatic system is the foundation for a data-driven future waste collection. Compared to legacy methods of waste collection, our system does not rely on manual input to understand how the system is functioning and where improvements can be made.

Traditional, manually collected information is bound to be riddled with errors and biases, but our market-leading automatic process removes such errors from the data collection. This provides the operator of the system and any other stakeholder with reliable data enabling sound decision making.

The system also supports statistics and reports through PowerBI which visualise data in an accessible way.

Envac ReFlow

The app Envac Reflow is seamlessly connected to the Envac system. It provides users with a comprehensive toolbox of features and information aimed at enhancing both end-user recycling efforts and the system’s overall efficiency.

In the app, users can access real-time information about available inlets and their status. Users can also report any issues or errors they encounter. When an error is reported the system itself can try to solve the problem before needing manual maintenance.

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Upgrading older systems

Older Envac systems do not offer the same data collection, statistics, or new features as our latest version. Upgrading your installation unlocks a more comprehensive user experience and simplifies management. A newer control system is essential to utilize advanced features like complex analytics, enhanced data-collection, and Power BI report generation.

Upgraded control systems also enables the end-user app ReFlow which helps users improve recycling habits and do error reporting directly on the mobile phone.

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