Promoting a more sustainable society today and for future generations

Our automated waste collection system sorts, collects, and reuses waste for purposes such as waste-to-energy and recycling, reducing pressure on landfills. We use advanced technology that has proven to be highly efficient and has the potential to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This breakthrough could pave the way for a cleaner and more eco-friendly future in our cities. With automation in waste collection, resource circularity is a reality that we can experience in our daily lives.

Sorting – the key to successful waste management

Envac pneumatic waste collection systems are designed to help end-users sort their waste for recycling with ease. By collecting multiple waste fractions, users can contribute to higher recycling rates and promote circular resource use in their municipality.

Our optical sorting systems use differently colored waste bags to sort various waste fractions, including food, textile, plastics, paperboard, newspaper, metal, and residual waste. These coloured bags are deposited into the same waste inlet, making waste sorting a breeze.

With over 1,000 Envac systems serving more than 4,000,000 people worldwide, we are proud to contribute to improving global recycling rates.

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User recycling engagement and awareness

Our digital solution, Envac ReFlow, is designed to help both individuals and municipalities manage waste more effectively, while contributing to broader sustainability goals. With the ReFlow app, users receive guidance on sorting recyclables, as well as feedback on their recycling performance and impact on the environment. Additionally, the platform serves as a means for users to share and recycle goods, further promoting sustainability. To increase awareness and participation in recycling, entrance screens in apartment buildings are utilized to provide recycling information and feedback.

Recent studies conducted by Envac’s partner, LocalLife, among the niche focus group, have demonstrated that ReFlow can lead to a 12% reduction in waste generation and a 15% increase in plastic recycling, resulting in greater satisfaction with both the Envac system and the community as a whole.

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Envac ReFlow

Data-driven waste handling enables sustainable decisions in smart cities

Waste to energy, fuel and fertiliser

By better sorting waste streams at source, Envac systems can help to generate energy from municipal waste.

This might involve sorting difficult-to-recycle waste for incineration at a waste-to-energy plant or a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Envac systems can also help collect food waste to generate biogas and fertiliser.

Our goal
3000 users
of ReFlow by the end of 2023 and 100,000 users by 2027

Promote circularity by increasing the number of users of Envac systems by 25% by 2025

Envac ReFlow provides users with convenient guides to improve the sorting of recyclables and providing alternative inlets when inlets are full.

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