Game-changing waste collection for smart hospitals

To further improve sanitary conditions, Envac introduces a new development – a system for handling infectious waste.

Infectious waste is put in special bags which are disposed of in a separate inlet and transported in a standalone system. In the collection station, the system converts the infectious waste into non-hazardous waste, which can be mixed with other waste or remain in a separate container. To maintain sanitary conditions, this system is disinfected automatically at regular intervals.

Reducing spread of infection

Collecting waste, laundry and infectious waste with Envac’s automated waste collection system (aka pneumatic waste collection systen) reduces physical contact between people and dirty material to a minimum.

The waste and laundry are transported through separate closed pipe networks instead of on carts in corridors and elevators, which creates a safer environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

The closed systems and touchless waste inlets also minimize the spread of infections, direct transmission, and accidents.

One system – but several pipe networks

The Envac set-up for hospitals is slightly different to our common system.

To tackle the challenges of clean and safe removal of laundry, waste, recyclables and now infectious waste, the four are transported through separate pipe networks while still remaining in the same system.

The inlets can be fitted with touchless technology that uses sensors for access control. The sensors recognize if it is waste, recyclables, laundry, or infectious waste, that is being disposed of.

Without any physical contact with buttons, handles, or panels to dispose of the waste, the spread of infections is minimized.

Our automated waste collection system system removes the need to transport laundry in trolleys or carts outside the ward, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria as well as reducing operational cost.


Reducing manual handling of laundry and waste is not only beneficial from a health perspective, but it is also cost-efficient. The automatic transportation of waste reduces the need for a large workforce of orderlies and hospital attendants to transport and sort laundry and waste. Less waste transportation with carts in corridors and culverts also reduces the wear and tear of the hospital building which means less maintenance cost.

Our system is integrated in the walls, floors, and culverts of the hospital building and removes the need to transport laundry in trolleys or carts, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria as well as reducing operational cost.

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For any hospital, patient and staff welfare is crucial, but hospitals can also play their part in a more sustainable future. Envac’s automated waste collection system can be designed to handle several waste fractions within the hospital.

Our system also removes the unsightly manual transport of waste and laundry throughout the hospital, providing patients and visitors with a better experience of the hospital. An eco-friendly hospital environment with state of the art technology attracts both top health care professionals and patients.

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