Global presence – Local leadership

With 35 offices in 20 countries serving virtually all of the planet, we provide expertise and experience from around the globe with a local perspective and understanding.

Envac Regions

Envac is organised in five business regions:

Envac China, Southeast Asia & India (Region president: Aiying Wang)
Envac EMEA (Region president: Carlos Bernad)
Envac North Europe (Region president: Patrick Haraldsson)
Envac North America (Region president: Tom Embley)
Envac South Korea & Australia (Region president: YH Jung)

Board of Directors

Anders Wassberg

Chairman, Board of Directors

Joakim Karlsson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Envac AB

Tore Hallersbo

Member, Board of Directors

Henrik Hallin

Member, Board of Directors

Maud Olofsson

Member, Board of Directors

Lena Wäppling

Member, Board of Directors

Christer Öjdemark

Member, Board of Directors

Michael Gidlund

Member, Board of Directors

Group Executive Board

Joakim Karlsson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Envac AB

Sara Arrhenius

Chief Marketing Officer, Envac AB

Eva Granljung

Chief Financial Officer, Envac AB

Carlos Bernad

CEO Envac Iberia, Region President Envac EMEA

Tom Embley

CEO Precision AirConvey Corporation (PAC)., Region President Envac North America

Kent Norlenius

Chief Technical Officer, Envac AB

Patrick Haraldsson

CEO Envac Scandinavia AB, Region president Envac North Europe

YH Jung

CEO Envac Korea, Region president Envac Korea & Australia

Aiying Wang

CEO Envac China, Region president Envac China, Southeast Asia & India

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