Smart and sustainable
waste collection for urban environments

Envacs’ waste collection systems handle waste and recyclables from households, businesses, and public spaces. By transporting waste through an underground pipe network, it saves valuable space, reduces truck routes, and lowers carbon emissions and noise.

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Airports are complex environments with lots of people moving through them in a limited amount Of time. Airports also have a high demand for security and safety. The Envac systems help Face the immense logistical challenges of any airport, making waste collection Cost-efficient and secure.


Envac's automated waste collection system makes urban environments cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. The smart system reduces air pollution and carbon emissions caused by waste collection traffic, eliminates smell and mess associated with traditional waste collection and makes unsafe and unsanitary waste collection a thing of the past.


Envac's automated waste collection system eliminates the need to transport laundry in trolleys or carts outside patient wards, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria while also reducing operational costs.

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