What we do – Smart sustainable cities

Our innovative automated waste collection system plays a significant role in shaping and maintaining smart and sustainable cities around the world.

By adopting a pioneering approach to waste collection, we continue to improve the quality of life for those living in urban areas today whilst laying the foundations for creating sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Discover the Envac automated waste collection system

Our system is technically advanced, and the concept is proven and straight-forward.

Envac makes urban environments cleaner, healthier and safer. With its ability to reduce waste collection traffic, it also helps densely populated areas become greener and more sustainable.

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Barking Riverside

By making waste collection one of the key environmental stands of Barking Riverside London, we ensure that waste collection will operate sustainably and effectively, reduce carbon emissions, increase the traffic safety aspects and create a clean, green and pleasant living environment .

Now launching UK’s first super shredder for cardboard waste, preventing 105 tonnes going to landfills annually.


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