What we do – Promote hygiene, aesthetics, efficiency and sustainability in healthcare facilities

Envac’s cutting-edge, computer-managed automated waste and soiled linen removal solution leverages state-of-the-art technology to effortlessly and efficiently transport waste, recyclables, and soiled linens from diverse locations within a healthcare facility to centralized, remote areas for efficient compaction, transportation, and elimination.

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Discover the essence of progress in hospital architecture and design

Our white paper delves into the transformative potential of upgrading hygiene, enhancing indoor air quality, streamlining labor, and promoting a pristine visual aesthetic while effectively managing costs. It’s an invaluable resource for hospital architects, builders, trustees, and all stakeholders dedicated to optimizing patient outcomes through intelligent facility design. Embark on an enlightening journey by exploring our white paper titled “Calculating the financial impact of an automated waste/linen handling system in healthcare settings.”

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What we do – Improve the environment by offering safer, more sustainable solutions for urban waste collection

Our automated waste collection system is technically advanced, and the concept is proven and straight-forward.

The Envac system makes urban environments cleaner and healthier, and by reducing waste helps them become greener and more sustainable.

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What we do -Maintain, upgrade and retrofit existing systems

To ensure optimal efficiency Envac’s waste removal systems require regular maintenance to operate flawlessly. Envac has the unique expertise required to service and repair older systems, ensuring that they continue to operate at peak efficiency for many more years.

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