Patient, staff and visitor safety

At Envac, our mission is to provide healthcare facilities with the most advanced waste collection solution that not only streamlines the waste management process but also elevates the standards of safety and hygiene. Our automated waste collection system is designed to reduce cross-contamination, enabling a non-contact workflow process that minimizes exposure to infectious materials and airborne pathogens from soiled linens. Additionally, our system reduces the risk of staff injuries, thereby decreasing workers’ compensation claims. The closed pipeline networks also eliminate unpleasant odors and unsightly staging of waste carts, thereby improving the overall aesthetic as well as patient safety in healthcare environments.

Indoor environmental quality

On-Demand, automated waste and linen removal is a solution which aims to streamline and simplify the waste removal process. The main focus is to reduce the movement of staff and prioritize the removal of infectious materials in congested corridors and elevators, ensuring that the environment remains efficient, clean and safe.

With an Envac waste and linen removal system, the burden on elevators is reduced. Additionally, the intermediate waste staging is eliminated, increasing the capture rate of recyclables and reducing cart washing activities. This also eliminates the need for a gravity chute discharge room and cart tippers, further simplifying the waste removal process.


Reducing manual handling of laundry and waste is not only beneficial from a health perspective, but it is also cost-efficient. The automatic transportation of waste reduces the need for a large workforce to transport and sort laundry and waste. Less waste transportation with carts in corridors and culverts frees up valuable facility real estate and reduces the wear and tear of the hospital building which means less maintenance cost.

The improved staffing efficiency afforded by an Envac system allows additional time to be dedicated to patient care, improving patient experience and outcomes.

Game-changing waste collection for smart hospitals

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