Making cities smarter and more sustainable through innovation is key for our future and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals number 11 of making cities and human settlements safe, resilient, and sustainable.

With half the world’s population living in cities – and more joining them every day – it is imperative to make urban development sustainable and resilient. Automatic, data-driven, intelligent waste collection and recycling are instrumental in this endeavor.

The future of waste collection in Smart Cities

Ever since we installed our first waste management system in the 1960s, ingenuity has been at the core of what Envac does. In this video, Niklas Forestier, System Manager at Envac Group, tells us how Envac’s system plays an integral part in the Smart City.

Data collection

In the circular economy of the Smart City, economic value and sustainability go hand in hand with the use of big data collection and Artificial Intelligence streamlining flows and creating synergies.

Analysing big data from the city’s different services, such as water, electricity, transportation, and waste collection enable the innovation of smart services for residents as well as sustainable and efficient resource use.

The Envac system collects information on use and performance 24/7 to optimise system performance, inform Smart City governance as well as the residents of the Smart City. The data and intelligence powering Envacs management system, can be integrated with other, city-specific, platforms and software.

Freeing up space

The need for well planned and connected green areas is of increasing importance to make dense and crowded urban areas more resilient. As a bonus, these “green lungs” are also perceived as more attractive to citizens and visitors.  So, in the Smart City, we move waste management underground so that people, bicycles, and kids get more space overground. Our system removes the need to build access and transport infrastructure for waste collection vehicles. This creates more space by replacing bulky recycling stations with lean waste inlets handling all sorts of recyclables and waste.

Reusing and recycling waste

The Smart City is designed to use the same resources again and again in an endless loop. This requires convenient access to efficient recycling and reuse of non-recyclable waste for energy production or composting. Our system is easy to access for users, handles multiple recyclables, and efficiently uses non-recyclable waste for bio-gas or electricity production, district heating, or composting.

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