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Automatic waste and recycling removal systems have been providing significant benefits to users for many years by reducing landfill waste and improving the overall aesthetic of the areas they service. Although this technology may seem new to many in North America, some systems, such as the Envac system at Disney World, have been in use for almost 50 years, keeping refuse out of sight of park attendees.

To ensure optimal efficiency, like most other systems, these waste removal systems require regular maintenance to operate flawlessly. Thus, it is crucial to have a maintenance agreement with a reliable service provider like Envac, whether the system was designed and installed by Envac or another provider. Envac has the unique expertise required to service and repair older systems, ensuring that they continue to operate at peak efficiency for many more years.

Upgrading older systems

Envac offers not only maintenance services but also a comprehensive modernization program for waste and recycling removal systems. Whether Envac or another company originally designed and installed the system, Envac can update it to meet current standards and levels of technology. The modernization process includes upgrading components, computerizing feedback from the system, and updating command centers to optimize performance and provide valuable usage information.

By modernizing older waste and recycling removal systems, Envac helps users reap the benefits of advanced technology while simplifying the management of waste and recycling. The partnership with Envac provides cities, hospitals, and communities with access to the latest technological advances, ensuring efficient operation of their waste removal systems, both now and in the future. With Envac’s modernization services, users can make informed decisions, improve performance, and keep up with evolving waste management requirements.


Partnering with Envac to retrofit existing gravity chute systems into automated pneumatic waste and recycling systems offers countless benefits. Envac’s process involves retrofitting traditional trash and recycling chutes with a network of pneumatic tubes operating silently behind walls and under the ground. The automated systems use air pressure to actively transport waste and recycling from the source to a central station, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of contamination.

Envac’s automated pneumatic systems offers increased efficiency, convenience, and design options.  Waste can move down, sideways, and even straight up from the basement, allowing it to be delivered to the station regardless of proximity or direction.  The system’s automated design enables users to dispose of waste and recycling at any time and eliminates the need for frequent trash and recycling pickups, reducing truck traffic and carbon emissions. Additionally, the system’s pneumatic technology facilitates the separation of waste and recycling, allowing for more effective recycling efforts and reduced waste disposal costs. 

Finally, Envac’s automated pneumatic system improves sanitation and public health. The use of the pneumatic system minimizes the risk of odors and litter and waste overflow, creating a cleaner, more hygienic environment. Ultimately, retrofit offers a more efficient, convenient, and hygienic waste management solution that benefits the environment, public health, and the community.

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