Innovative and sustainable change

Imagine a city without open waste containers, overflowing waste bins or traffic jam and pollution caused by waste collection vehicles.

Our innovative and automated waste collection system is playing a key role in shaping and maintaining sustainable cities.

Envac is leading the way by creating smarter cities, enhancing the quality of life for the UK’s population and securing a greener planet for future generations.

Our automated waste collection system makes recycling smart, sustainable and cost-efficient. It also supports the circular economy and creates better living environments.

We make sorting different types of waste straightforward and intuitive, removing the inconvenience of traditional waste sorting and ensuring that it is as easy as possible for our users to recycle more.

By collecting all household waste at a single point, our system is easier to maintain and more cost-efficient than traditional handling.

With Envac, cities without open waste containers, overflowing waste bins or traffic jams is now a reality.

Enhancing the UK’s streetscape

Overflowing waste containers and litterbins make the urban realm look untidy. Our system addresses this by replacing traditional containers with clean and contemporarily designed waste inlets connected to an underground pipe network.

When full, the system automatically transports the waste from the inlets to a centralised collection station. As Envac is hermetically sealed and never emits foul smells, it can be placed close to residential buildings. This makes it easier for users to deposit their waste and helps make litter a thing of the past.

Our system reduces waste collection traffic and the associated noise, emissions and pollution by up to 90 per cent, making city life greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

The Envac automated waste collection system

Our innovative system is technically advanced and the concept is proven and straight-forward.

Envac makes urban environments cleaner, healthier and safer. With its ability to reduce waste collection traffic, it also helps densely populated areas become greener and more sustainable.

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Our innovative and automated waste collection system helps shape smart and sustainable urban environments.

By reducing carbon emissions and providing clean, green and sanitary waste inlets for both residents and commercial users, we are improving quality of life in the cities where we operate.



Our automated waste collection system provides patients and health care workers with sanitary and sustainable solutions. Laundry and waste are transported in separate pipes and with conveniently located waste inlets. Our system removes the need to transport laundry on trolleys or carts, minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria as well as reducing operational cost.



The Envac automated waste collection systems collect waste 24 hours a day, all days of the year, creating a clean and fresh first impression for travellers and a safe working environment for airport staff.
Our systems handle waste in terminal buildings, from incoming flights and in flight catering facilities.



With our next-generation solutions for recycling, Envac leads the way in shaping a more sustainable future and the circular economy. Recycling lies at the heart of a circular economy, but old and traditional methods are both challenging and costly. In contrast, our sorting solutions can be used by cities of all sizes and reduces transport and collection costs by at least 50% compared to competing systems.


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